Monday, September 24, 2012

10 ways to look hot in bed

tip 1: Minimise pores
If you talk to people about their bedroom body hang-ups most focus on the size of their chests or the way their body jiggles or droops when they try out a tricky new position. However, what you have to remember is your partner won't actually see much of your body. What they actually spend most of their time seeing is your face. So, if you want to look attractive make sure you take care of your skin and minimise your pores. You can do this by sipping peppermint tea and maintaining a good skincare regime.

 tip 2: Be happy and be sad
Depending on your gender, to look good in bed you need to be happy or you need to be sad. A study by the University of British Colombia found that women did not find men who were happy or smiling as attractive as their moody or proud counterparts. Yet for the girls, you should try to look happy and flash your feller a warm smile when in bed. This is because the guys in the study all loved the cheerful ladies, but found the proud women unattractive.

tip 3: Make your eyes sparkle
Having eye contact during sex drives girls and guys wild. To make your eyes look sexy make sure you don't have any dark circles beneath them. To do this, make sure you get enough sleep and apply a cold compress to your eyes for five minutes during the day. To keep your eyes sparkling and bright you can also get a professional brow shape and tint. For the ladies, you can also wear some waterproof mascara and light, bright eye shadow.

tip 4: Get the right angle
Let's face it, although sex positions sound hot a lot of them are ridiculously difficult and can make you look horrendous. Yet, there are some flattering positions you and your girl or guy can try. You both look your best when you are sitting upright, so why not give the lotus, the wallflower or the standing ovation a go.

tip 5: Body buff
Want glowing and fresh skin? It's simple - buff your body. The cheapest way to get healthy looking skin is to use a body brush. Take the brush and sweep it across your skin in the direction of your heart. Not only does body brushing improve your circulation, it also removes dead and dry skin. Another way to get irresistible skin is to use an exfoliating scrub with mitts and book a body polish treatment.

tip 6: Get a sexy outfit
Although you may think looking hot is about taking off your clothes, sometimes adding more can be a turn on too. If you want to look slimmer you could wear black underwear. For the guys you could wear a tight, black t-shirt too. Or, if you don't own anything black, opt for solid block colours instead as these are equally slimming. Finally, for the ladies, you could wear a sexy push up bra to achieve an impressive cleavage, or even some padded pants to get an enviable behind.

tip 7: Get a flat stomach
We all want rock solid abs and a tight tummy, but actually achieving the ideal stomach can seem like a full-time job. Yet don't give up on your flat tummy dream already. You can get a slimmer waistline by simply eating certain foods that counteract bloating and get rid of excess gas. Firstly, stock up on potassium-rich food like bananas and dried fruit. You should also try taking charcoal capsules and avoid foods that are heavy in salt.

tip 8: Luscious locks
Having luscious locks means you instantly look more attractive and, if you want to look amazing in bed, you better get to work on your mane. To begin with go food shopping and buy some of these hair-friendly foods: nuts, oily fish, yoghurt, eggs and avocados. Next, after you wash your hair let it dry naturally to prevent heat damage. You can also spritz your hair with your favourite perfume and cologne to make it smell incredible throughout all of the hanky-panky.

 tip 9: Elongate
Worried about your wobbly stomach or your flabby thighs? Then stretch yourself out. The elongated figure is far more attractive than a slouching, crouched body so to get an instant body makeover move yourself into a flattering position. For the girls, you should lie on your sides and prop your head up with your hand. Bend one knee and keep your toes pointed. For the guys, make yourself look better by standing tall or, when you are on top of her, keep yourself up using your upper arms. This position will accentuate your arm muscles and tighten your pecs.

tip 10: The morning after the night before
So, now you know what you should be wearing during sex, but how do you look good the morning after the night before? If you came unprepared to this romantic romp make sure you wash your face with warm water and remove any excess make-up. Remember that no one finds morning breath attractive so brush your teeth or simply swill some toothpaste around in your mouth until you get home. Finally, don't walk around in your underwear or any sexy garments you wore last night. Chances are the moment has passed so, girls, wear one of his old t-shirts and guys, wear the clothes you came in.

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