Saturday, February 23, 2013

An Apple A Day – The Benefits

If you fancy a snack or a quick bite for lunch, consider a green apple. They're pretty, tasty and have a host of benefits – we never knew they could help prevent cancer.


Anti-oxidants zap the free radicals roaming about your body engaged in search-and-destroy missions. This contributes to good health and good skin, reducing the toxic substances that cause acne and other blemishes.

Brain Protector
Apples contain substances called phytonutrients, which have been shown to be necessary for sustaining human life. These nutrients are effective in reducing the risks and chances of neuro degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Cancer Warder

Green apples prevent various forms of cancer as well as they prevent DNA damage due to the presence of flavonoid as well as polyphenol which are both forms of antioxidants. Notice that it's not just one cancer, but various types of cancer.

Dieting Delight
If you're trying to cut down on cholesterol and calories, green apples have been known to reduce bad LDL and increase good HDL. Plus, they are low in calories! With enough exercise, a good diet of green apples will help you get in shape with a host of other benefits. Fibre in the apple also provides satiety, keeping you from overeating.

Energy Booster

Green apples are rich in carbohydrates, with as much as 22g per 154g per apple. Carbs are our body's main source of fuel – an apple a day keeps you running long enough to get away from the doctor.

Fibre For the Go

If you're finding it a little difficult to go in the toilet, an apple gives you the fibre you need to get a move on. Green apples also secrete acids that help with digestion, to make sure that you're good to go.

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