Friday, February 22, 2013

Is It Bad To Eat Late At Night

It's a mantra that's been whispered in your ear every night when you ask for supper, "Eating late at night makes you fat!"

But does it really?

No, it doesn't, not in a scientific point of view anyway.

A calorie is a calorie, and your body will not discriminate against a calorie that you consumed late in the evening and sentence it to exile in your bulging bottom. The recipe to getting fat is consuming more calories than you burn, and with that in mind, we can begin to understand why people think that eating late at night makes you fat:

- You move less at night than you would during the day, so it's only natural that you will burn fewer calories.

- Mindless snacking in front of the television. Actually, it doesn't even matter where you are or when you do it. Stuffing yourself with junk food will make you gain weight.

- Starving yourself and getting home late for dinner can cause you to make poor food choices. You'll also take in bigger portions of food – not because it's late at night, because you're very hungry.

So no, eating at night won't magically turn you into a pig. Rather, it's because of your choice of food and portioning that make the difference. But remember to eat 90 minutes before you go to bed so you don't overwork your body.

article by : VenuzzBuzz

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